Origin:  Denver, CO


Genres:  Rock, Alternative, Jazz


Years Active:  2015- Present​



Short Bio

SYCDVK is a Denver-based conceptual music project with roots in rock, jazz, and alternative genres. Groove oriented rhythms, complexly intelligent guitar work, and crooning vocals contribute to the bands unique sound that has been likened to the sounds of Radiohead, Frank Zappa, and David Bowie. The band released their debut album "Aubrey" in 2017 to local acclaim, and was named one of Denver's bands to watch by 303 MagazineTheir most recent release, the 'Lurking Earthlings EP' was followed by two nationwide tours.

Press Quotes


"With Aubrey, SYCDVK establish a stunning, timeless sound all while weaving a beautiful story. "

                 - Dom Vigil, Editor The Prelude Press


"...what remains constant are the band's sultry vocals and strong instrumental talent..."

                   - Drew Boulos, 303 Magazine


Management / PR: SYCDVK



Name for payment/tax forms: Nicholas Milano


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Current Members:

Nic Jay - Vox

Nick Milano - Guitar

Tony Milano - Guitar

Peter Warekois - Bass

Chris Geary - Drums

Miles Mckee - Sax


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